Novotny Highlights

Bachelor's from The George Washington University, Master's from The George Washington University, & Master's from George Mason University

2000: Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant USAF

2001-2017: 8 houses; 2 Overseas Locations; Multiple Pentagon/Command tours

2006: Lauren Maykrantz & Reid Novotny married

2011: Vienna born!

2017: Joined Maryland Air National Guard; Started Cyber Security Start-Up; Started as Legislative Assistant for US Congressman; Vice President Howard County Republican Club; Fundraising Chair Dayton Oaks Elementary School

I chose Howard and Carroll counties but there must have been something that drove me to feel at home here. I grew up in a place much like Howard and Carroll counties in Oregon. I remember the river that ran through our backyard that my brothers and friends learned to swim and spent from sun up to sun down exploring. I didn't know any different and I loved my childhood and Oregon is a great place to be from. When I was in high school I came to DC on my obligatory school trip and I was hooked. I loved the history of the East Coast and I knew that this was home.

So 4 years of ROTC and getting ready to join a post-Gulf War II military draw down as a 23 year old all changed when September 11th happened. The military had been a way for me to afford college at the beginning but it became a calling when we were all attacked. Fast forward a few years living in different parts of the country, I found myself back on the East Coast and fortunately for me, I also found Lauren Maykrantz of Carroll County. She had never lived further from home than going to UMBC but that all changed.