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Excited to be endorsed by the Maryland Right to Life. ONLY Republican endorsed over the Incumbent!    ***Pro-2nd Amendment and Anti Illegal Immigration***    Call me at 571-277-7104 if you have questions today!

Excited to be endorsed by the Maryland Right to Life. ONLY Republican endorsed over the Incumbent!

***Pro-2nd Amendment and Anti Illegal Immigration***

Call me at 571-277-7104 if you have questions today!

Relevant Experience meets Outsider Perspective


Military Leader

Maryland Air National Guard Lieutenant Colonel; Multiple overseas assignments


Outsider perspective

Cybersecurity Entrepreneur; Former House of Representatives Congressional Staffer; Masters Degrees from GWU & GMU


Local values

Married to the former Lauren Maykrantz of Carroll County and they live in Howard County with their daughter.

I spent the last two decades honing my skills as a National Security leader, commanding America's young men and women overseas, while living in Howard County each of the three times we were stationed at the Pentagon. 

I stepped away from the active military service 1,600 days before a guaranteed retirement valued at $3.3M to make a permanent home for my family and enter public service on behalf of the residents of Maryland.

I am motivated to run by the lack of leadership in Annapolis. Without fail, when I met traditional local politicians, they all pushed back to protect the status quo.

You need New Conservative Leadership in Annapolis and I will be that leader.
Call/Email/Text with any questions: 571-277-7104 or



Relevant Military Leadership


I joined the Air Force just 88 days prior to September 11th, 2001 and the experience of losing friends motivated me to continue to serve to this day. The military has afforded me the ability to attend The George Washington University and to obtain two additional Masters degrees in Computer Security (GW) and Strategic Communications (George Mason University). 

As a Lieutenant Colonel I have had executive experience including multiple tours at the Pentagon advising the most senior Air Force officials. Recently I shaped decisions on the $18 billion IT expenditure affecting nearly 600,000 Americans.

As an overseas Commander, I was responsible for the execution of a vital US national defense mission and 250 Airmen. 

As a Commander, I was challenged with protecting a young woman who had been raped and prosecuting the attacker. I will bring this focused executive leadership to Annapolis.



This is why I'm Running.

With almost 20 years in the military, I know how to be effective in bureaucracies and I know what it means to serve. I will bring New Conservative Leadership to Annapolis to fix problems not score political points. Governor Hogan needs strong energy to balance the the far left. I have lived around the world and Maryland is home for my family and I will do anything in my power to make it better for all of us.

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If you are familiar with how the government operates, you know that if an agency doesn't use their yearly budget they lose it. The fundamental governmental incentives are toward spending not saving. Maryland spends 83% of their budget on mandatory programs ranking it 41st out of all states in financial heath.

Our budget has gone from $42B to $43B to $44B and the incumbent continues to support. I will work hard with Governor Hogan to drive down the budget.

Solution: REFUND Act of 2019 aligns personal incentives with saving money.

  • Agency accomplishes their objectives under their projected budget
  • Split non payroll fund savings between high performers and tax payers
  • Increases innovation and attracts/retrains top quality employees

PROBLEM: The incumbent didn't listen when there were issues in the school system

Our daughter goes to Howard County public schools and like any parent, I want her to learn and be in a safe environment. When parents came together to get more information about mold in the schools, Delegate Warren Miller led the charge without support from his Senate Colleague. 

"Governor Larry Hogan said that he and the other members of the board — Comptroller Franchot and Treasurer Nancy Kopp — had received many 'letters of concern' from parents, a school board member and state Del. Warren Miller about maintenance and mold issues in Howard County's public schools." (Baltimore Sun Jan '16)

In fact, the incumbent made it harder for the Board of Education to fire Renee Foose, the former Howard County Schools Superintendent, leading to a $1.65M buyout by taxpayers to protect our school system.

Solution: I promise you from day one, that I will advocate on the issues that are important to's that simple.



PROBLEM: status quo is the status quo

The incumbent has been a part of the Republican Party for the past 4 decades and we have seen Maryland slip further and further into the ideals of the progressive left. If you like the way we have continued to push higher budgets, mandate Obama Care at the State Level, and limit Second Amendment rights, maybe you should stick with what you know.

Solution: I will treat every vote as a test to prove that Conservative ideals work for all of us in Maryland. Each legislative proposal is an opportunity to engage with the Democratic party and move them to the right.

What I promise is New Conservative Leadership, day one and everyday after.


Reid is ready to take his no nonsense leadership to Annapolis. He is not interested in working on naming a highway after a retired politician but making change that helps the people of Howard and Carroll County. He needs your help in the Republican Primary on the 26th of June, 2018. EARLY voting goes from 14-21 June...Get out and vote!

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